Collection: Samantha Danford Jones

“Art is and always has been my passion. I was born in West Africa and grew up between The Wirral Peninsula, Anglesey and Hong Kong. I spent several years in Africa in my adult life but home is the UK.

The sea holds an immeasurable presence to me, with a depth and impenetrable life of its own; I have the utmost respect for her mystery which is both powerfully tremendous and fascinating. I have lived near or on the sea my entire life; for me the flow of the ocean represents freedom, peace, solitude, sensuality and life.

My creative inspiration comes from my daily walks along the coast with my border collie Shye, I am attracted to the light, freedom, expanse of sky and sea, the ever-changing moods, the beauty and vastness before me, the hope and serenity and the endless possibilities we all have while on this earth.

I am always keen to raise awareness and encourage conservation of the oceans by supporting and following organisations such as Mission Blue, led by the legenary Dr Sylvia Earle who campaigns to protect swathes of ocean designated ‘Hope spots.’ I am a PADI qualified rescue diver and ambassador for a clean plastic free ocean.