Collection: Rachel Goffredo

Rachel Goffredo is a self-taught artist who began exploring art in more depth nearly five years ago, having always been creative. She paints with water mixable oils and heavy body acrylics and often uses impasto to highlight texture as well as enjoying the effects of palette knives.

Inspired by a diverse range of subjects, but principally nature both from an aesthetic point of view but also to highlight the vulnerability of the natural world in the modern day.

Rachel particularly enjoys the majesty of wild animals, especially the prowess of the tiger. Her aim is to convey their poise and magnetic power.

Her wish is that one of her paintings in your home can reinforce simultaneously the beauty and vulnerability of nature as well as bringing joy and pleasure to the owner.

She is always open to new methods and mediums and exploring future subjects.

Rachel is open to commissions.

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Instagram : Rachelsartworks1

Facebook : Rachel's Art