Collection: Lisa Hughes

Lisa Hughes

BA (Hons) Visual Arts & Culture – Salford University

PGCE Art & Design – Manchester Metropolitan University


Northern Graduates Exhibition, Curwen & New Academy Art Gallery, London

From the Art of Salford Exhibition, The Cornerstone, Salford

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About me:

I predominantly work in an Intuitive Abstract style with the medium of acrylic paint, although I do love a bit of collage and mixed media when the mood takes me. Occasionally representational art sneaks its way into a painting here and there.

I have been a high school art teacher for 23 years and counting - making me a versatile artist with skills in using a wide range of media in 2D & 3D. Working part time hours for the past several years has afforded me that precious commodity of time to devote to my own practice.

My paintings evolve from initial markmaking, strokes of energy, blocking in areas with washes of colour, layering, revisiting, responding intuitively to what is being revealed. Lines, shapes, marks and patterns emerging, rhythms forming, colours harmonising or clashing, capturing subconscious thoughts, a mood, an energy, a memory, a feeling…….

What I love about non representational art is the freedom for the viewer to use their own intuition and personal experiences to interpret what they see, to form their own subjective narrative.

A few of my favourite artists are; Gustav Klimt, Georges Seurat, Jackson Pollock, Cy Twombly, Romero Britto, Claus Oldenberg, Henri Matisse, Gerhard Richter & many more.

My favourite formal elements are Colour (bright & bold), I do love a good line too (straight, wiggly, broken - any line will do!) and shape – especially irregular, curvy shapes – they're the best!

My favourite paint medium is oil but as I like to work in layers acrylic suits me best!!