Collection: Leanne Mallinson

Born in Chorley and now living in Wigan, with her sons, husky, cat and snake, Leanne has always felt a strong connection to Wales, the country where she grew up, on an idyllic small holding with pet sheep. Alongside her career as a social entrepreneur, where she runs a Volunteering Organisation, Leanne has worked in various roles, including counselling, children’s suicide prevention, women's refuge, and family support services.

Having faced unexpected challenges with anxiety during a difficult period in her life, Leanne turned to her childhood love of art. Painting became her solace, helping her find balance and self-care.

Beginning as a watercolour artist, Leanne now predominantly works with mixed media. Her artwork is vibrant and colourful but often carries a hint of melancholy, reflecting the complexities of human emotions. Leanne's paintings explore themes of inclusion, authenticity, and mental health, resonating with many who appreciate her work. Leanne has exhibited her work in a number of galleries and exhibitions in the North West including The Turnpike Gallery and The Everyman Theatre in Liverpool.

Beyond making and selling art, Leanne is passionate about understanding how art impacts our lives, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, and delivers art and wellbeing workshops to help others find balance and self-care in their lives.