Collection: Lauren Bailes

B I O G R A P H Y  

I’m inspired by buildings, and the emotional connection people have to them. Whether people are conscious of it or not. It could be glancing down a side street, looking up past traffic lights, or the daily commute past buildings…As we go about our business interacting with the city’s streets, roads and buildings, we are collecting memories as we go.

We each have own playlist of moments we can recall whilst interacting with the city and its architecture. When we think of their own recollections, of who we met, where we went and what we did, they conjure up a spectrum of emotions for us. Some good, some bad and some incredible. The link between emotion and place is what connects us to where we live and gives us a sense of belonging.

I’m intrigued by this thought, and so want to show you my own quick glance down a side street, and my own perspective of a building I have walked past a thousand times and think is beautiful. Showing you my emotional connection to this wonderful city we call Manchester. You can find out more about Lauren by visiting