Collection: Gary Horn

My name is Gary Horn and I was born in Manchester, England in 1968 and now live in Cheshire, England.

I’m a self-taught contemporary artist with a particular interest in spray art. My signature work features cityscapes and moons utilising bright bold colours.

Creating art has been a lifelong passion.

I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember. I lost my parents at a young age and art gives me great solace. When I’m creating my pieces I can forget about the world, it’s a total escape.

Being dyslexic, I found school a real struggle – I channelled all my energy into painting and drawing. It is my dream to become an established artist.

I am inspired by the moon and urban cityscapes, and this is translated into my work. Over the years I’ve experimented with watercolours, oils, acrylics and have found spray paint and bitumen gives a unique dimension to my artwork. It was during lockdown when supplies were limited that I tried using OSB board and discovered that using different mediums layered onto its surface gave the pieces added depth.

I am fascinated by spray art and the various techniques and effects which can be achieved with this medium. I am excited by the visual elements spray paint provides.

Hope you enjoy my work and thank you for your interest.