Collection: Dawn Keig



Dawn Keig uses acrylic paint & mixed media to create abstract art which has been described as colourful, expressive & cryptic.  Her work is an exploration of the interplay between line, shape, colour & texture.  Her style ranges from ultra sleek, geometric work, incorporating various recurrent symbols, to at the other extreme, much looser, gestural, expressionistic pieces.


Dawn has been painting all of her life, and has therefore studied and been influenced by various movements and artists, from expressionism to symbolism, Kandinsky to Klee.  She also has a background in music, and this has had an impact on much of her work.  Her academic training in philosophy, interest in the unconscious and the spiritual, in history, folklore, and last but not least in nature, have all played their part in shaping the work which she produces.  


“I paint because I have to…painting allows me to enter a kind of emotional/spiritual calm, in a similar way that yoga and target sports do when I’m not painting.”


***COMMISSION/BESPOKE PIECES AVAILABLE!  Please get in touch if you have a particular size or colour scheme in mind, or if you would like advice on something suitable for a particular space.***



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