Collection: Anna Hewlett

  ANNA HEWLETT                  
Anna’s father, a former GP in Skipton, once jokingly said that she was born with a paintbrush in her hand! (She apparently emerged hand first!).
Anna completed a Pre-Dip course at Bradford College of Art then finished training as a teacher with Art her core subject. She has exhibited and sold her paintings since the age of 14 in Skipton, Ilkley, York, Liberty’s, Bayswater Road in London and in Hamburg where she lived during the eighties. While there she tutored a group of amateur adults.
In 1989, after her return and despite being self-taught in watercolours, she was made an associate of the British Watercolour Society and shortlisted for the Royal Society of Painters. She was recently an SAA prize winner for her ‘Boats and Seascapes’ submission. She also paints in acrylics, pastels, and oils.
Anna enjoys experimenting with the qualities of various media, new techniques and processes.  She finds painting landscapes, treescapes, animals and portraits just as enjoyable – often more challenging. She even finds a rusty old lock or ancient, ramshackle barn door is just waiting to be painted.
    Painting, particularly watercolour is a continuous learning curve. She knows she hasn’t reached the end of this by far and doubts if any artist, whatever the medium, ever does. This is what is so compelling about painting.