Collection: Alison Boothroyd

Alison Boothroyd (BA Hons)


Alison Boothroyd is a self-taught contemporary Cheshire artist, working with paint and mixed media. Alison’s lifelong creative journey started as a child working with clay (in her mother’s studio), which then let to undertaking a Design Degree in Ceramics. Alison work with students as a Head of Art, influences her risk taking and intuitive approach to her art, where she has been developing her own artistic voice, over the last number of years.

Alison creates bold, atmospheric, and expressive abstract Art, which draws people in, to connect with and escape into their imagination. Working intuitively, Alison expresses herself using rich visual memories, feelings, and experiences from nature, instinctively putting colour, media, and materials to the surface.

Alison works in her garden studio in Cheshire, and you can also view Alison’s art and artistic journey on her Instagram account @alisonboothroydart.