Collection: The Naive Art Collection By Neil Ashton

Neil is a veteran soldier, who has seen the harsh realities of war whilst serving his country. After leaving the armed forces he found solace and healing in the world of art, and decided to embark on a new journey as an art teacher.

The transition was difficult, but Neil was committed to a rigorous art education program, immersing himself in the study of various artistic disciplines and theories.

His military background helped giving him the sense of discipline and perseverance. Upon completion of his studies, he found fulfilment in teaching in schools where he encouraged students to express themselves through creativity.

In addition to teaching in traditional academic settings he began teaching art in prisons where he worked with inmates to channel their emotions and experiences into meaningful artistic impressions.

He believes his own art is drawn from many life experiences and of course being in the military.

He channels his emotions onto canvas or paper using various techniques and colour to convey the depth of his feelings and through his art he conveys and explores his inner feelings to try to make sense of the world we live, and is a reflection of his personal journey, the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative powers of creativity.