Collection: Anne Earnshaw The Art of Seeing

I love to paint and draw. I was first inspired at 12 years old by the impressionists, especially Monet and his garden. I received my first film camera at 21years and I have never stopped taking photographs since.

As a creative photographer, I respond to my surroundings instantaneously by looking closely at the natural beauty of our environment that can be so often missed. My work encourages the viewer to seek out these hidden images which beforehand would have gone unnoticed. 

The brief moment at which I take a photograph is important and no digital manipulation is used. The main aspect of my work is about the journey; it is this focus on the 'Art of Seeing' within my practise that uncovers these ephemeral moments of nature.  

Whilst studying Visual Arts at university I became inspired by the American Photographer, Ansel Adams. At past exhibitions visitors have commented that my photographs have the quality of a painting; and this perhaps reflects my background as a painter.

'photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is creative art' - Ansel Adam