Collection: Nazli Brennan

Nazli Brennan was born in Turkey in 1989. She has a strong foundation in art, beginning her studies in 2003 at Maçka Akif Tuncel College in Istanbul. She continued her art education earning a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts: Painting from Mimar Sinan Academy of Arts in 2012, followed by a Master's degree in Communication Design: Illustration from Kingston University in 2014 and has been living and working as an illustrator in the UK ever since. 

Nazli primarily works with hand drawing and watercolours, also enjoys exploring different techniques and mediums, including collage and digital art. 

Her work is inspired by nature, architecture, and history, capturing both the mundane moments of daily life and surreal scenes featuring mystical characters and landscapes. 

Nazli is open for commissions.

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