Collection: Mike Donnelly

I was born with a love of natural history and from a very early age collected creatures to study and sketch. Like many kids I would spend summer afternoons wading through ponds catching frogs and newts.    
As I grew older my focus was on birds and in particular birds of prey.  When I was twelve years of age the family visited The Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay. It was here I met two bearded  falconers, Harry Robinson and Laurent de Bastyai.
Both were  members of  the Welsh Hawking Club (Laurent being the President) to which I became a member. After graduating from Liverpool Art College in 1979 I became a
professional book illustrator and gallery artist. I went on to illustrate 
dozens of books and magazines on natural history for publishers    
Dorling Kindersley, Mitchel Beazley, Orbis and Hendersons etc.
I have held numerous Exhibitions of wildlife art worldwide both    
personally and through “The Mathaf Gallery” London, who have dealt    
with my international sales for the last 25 years.
Successful exhibitions in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Abu    
Dhabi,  Bahrain, Spain and Dubai, have led to many regular clients  and celebrity collectors of my work . Also my work is included in the  Falconry volumes of “cetreria y arte” by Juan Antonio Izquierdo.
I am an active member of the international organisation “Artists for Conservation” and an award winning international artist based in N. Wales .
I am also a British listed artist in the Art Directory books “Artists in 
BRITAIN SINCE 1945” by David Buckman.  

COMMISSIONS: Welcome in medium of clients choice.
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Tel: +44 7806780321