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Magdalena is a self-taught contemporary painter who is based in the United Kingdom. She creates pieces with vivid colours and passion, with every painting having femininity and nature as an important focus - she utilises realism, abstraction, and hints of aestheticism to achieve this. She finds creating to be a beautiful, almost therapeutic act, which serves to simultaneously relieve the daily pressures of life, let her freely express her love for the gorgeous world we live in, and explore the human condition. She's currently studying courses in art therapy in order to help young children work through their troubles in a meaningful and comforting way.
She's always striving to improve herself, finding new and innovative styles  to try out and surrounding herself with beauty in her day to day, so she can one day impress any viewer with her artform and make them witness a new vivid experience.
You can find more about Magdalena by visiting her on Facebook and Instagram 

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