Collection: Uliana Potter

I'm Uliana, a professional artist who has painted thousands of oil paintings and graphic drawings.
Fine Art has been my main activity for more than fifteen years now. 
My brand "Art-Time" sells my original artworks, prints, posters as well as original commission pictures. My artworks could be found across the globe, including New Zealand, Australia, United States, Europe, big cities and tiny villages of England, and Scotland.
I have been a participant in major exhibitions, competitions, and art shows, such as the Royal Watercolour Society exhibition (Mall Galleries) and WWF exhibition (gallery@oxo) and more. 
I've found drawing is a form of meditation. I put my canvas on the easel, take a brush, and with the first touch, dip down into tranquility and depth of the imagination. I am lost in time, and the world is stopping and freezing around me. Art is a way to reveal things that I'm finding incredible. I am inspired by human inventions and creations. I delight in how humanity rethinks an environment and nature to create a unique cultural heritage - phenomenal architecture, sculpture, pictures, and music. The human itself is one of the main sources of inspiration as well. Through drawing, I can catch and keep the best moments of life. Every picture keeps the warmest moments with lovely people or great places for us. I enjoy helping people to create and save a family history and hand it over to new generations.