Collection: Jacqui Sieger

     Jacqui Sieger Original Mystical Impressionist Oil Artist and Self Publisher


Jacqui Sieger is a “Contemporary Romantic Impressionist”  working in oils and acrylic giving her paintings a mystical quality as the light is reflected back to the human eye in different shades, blending perfectly with her strong sense of colour, design and imagination. The unique multi-layer technique of luminous acrylic paint and oils has created a pioneering effect of changing moods as light moves through the room in which the paintings are hanging. Jacqui has been looking for a method of recreating this effect in digital printing and has discovered the answer in Aluminium Composite *


Jacqui trained in fashion and Art at the Bournemouth College, after graduation she was offered a buyer position in fashion with the famous Derry and Toms London.


With this experience in the top fashion world, a twist of fate took Jacqui to North Yorkshire where she setup a manufacturing business using the local tannery off cuts as fashion garments, this included, hats, leather waistcoats, belts and wrist bands that were sold in the local shops. The business expanded with the help of “COSIRA” training Jacqui as a saddler. This then led to manufacturing horse clothing and leather goods. Exporting her products to the equine and horse racing stables throughout world.


Painting has always been a form of relaxation and escape over the years and later retiring back to her original roots in Dorset with happy memories of the Dorset coast and landscapes


Jacqui has researched to depict the mysterious qualities of sea and landscape that have so influenced her life as well as flowers and nature.


With steady sales to local art buyers and collectors, she has expanded her range of products with the help of digital technology. Self-publishing her images onto interior blinds (working with interior designers ) aluminium composite* for garden art and acrylic etching, scarfs, tablemats and coasters, shopping bags, as well as offering traditional paintings, greeting cards of local scenes, selling to many Dorset post offices, garden centres and gift shops.


A new website now shows availability of all products and paintings. Commissions accepted in most subjects.


Jacqui has exhibited in the USA working with UKTI and is now booking many trade shows in Europe and the USA


*Aluminium Composite is a lightweight product made from a core of poc layered with a baked enamelled aluminium face that is suitable for long term indoor and outdoor use. As well as being lightweight and sturdy it is resistant to weather conditions and corrosion. Aluminium Composite is one of the most rugged sign and display material available