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Elton darlo artist
Elton was consumed by art as a way of self expression from a very early age, growing up in a fiercely working class background, he recieved note at school in art, it wasn,t however until 1958 that he began to take it from a hobby and escape, too a serious pastime, it was he says that the world cup in sweden that hit him with sudden inspiation, the bright yellow colour shirts, then other football too cowboy films, mostly "Caracatures" and simple sketches, his sister kept all his scetches from this period of his life but never gave ghem back too him so he began to sketch thousands of sketches, so began a bug that would carry on too this day.

A number of yrs later, he moved to the streets of london but, moved around the country sketching, but made a base in Soho London, then Islington.
Between all this he came back to manchester, and worked other jobs between his art, he sketched he tells me mostly from memory in the early days, he talks about his family being a bit disfunctional but he carried on throughout all that he travelled again to London, due to family issues and life experiences, he suffered PTSD which he laughs and says, in some ways helped his art, he says the more he did the better his art became.
Whilst in london he met a prolific art dealer and agent , called Ms Sue Keitzman from america who had a home in london, and worked between England and the States, she loved Eltons work,  and was introduced to another influential figure Ms Deloretti, ms Kreitzman got Eltons work into the Tate Moderns Museum of Everything, with a huge Expo in 2010, he did lots of art in traffalga square, painting a noteable piece at St Martin of the fields, and started to paint also, he did a piece of an opera singer when working in covent garden, which was entered too the Tate modern by Sue Krietzman, Mr Jarvis cocker was the judge who chose Elton for the tate modern expo.

Elton has done 8 books full of his sketches and art, one being the 22 that died tragically in the arena bomb and much more, he presents his art too the art world for their enjoyment and inspiration, he appeared on the Grason Perry TV show recently to great aclaim, chosen among thousands of artists and chosen by Grayson for his book, he has painted many famous people and figures of note, for example Jarvis cocker, Sir Elton John, Sir Alex Furgusson, Mohamed Fhyed, members of the Royal Family, Her Majesty the Queen, King Charles more recently, recieving many thanks, from the same.

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