Collection: Abstract Paintings by Kayaman 12art

Kayaman was born in 1989 in the north west region of Cameroon but is now resident in Staffordshire UK.
Blessed with an artistic streak from an early age, his influences were primarily his brothers cartoon sketches and friends primitive hand crafts in the community.
Growing up in this artistic environment combined with his passion for sports and music helped Kaya develope a unique style which he titled 'The thinking man'.
Using this method has enabled Kayas works to be used in several books and desired in many parts of the world including Norway, Ghana, Switzerland, the UK and the Americas to name but a few.
Kayas preferred mediums are oil and acrylic on canvas using brushes and palette knives.
Kaya is passionate about the environment and enjoys recycling items to include in some of his unique styles of art.
Kaya is available to discuss any of your abstract and African landscape art needs, to discuss this or private tutorials contact Kaya at